Born in Boston, Massachusetts, artist Rob Cleary discovered his creative side at a young age. Always soaking in his surroundings, Rob was able to see the beauty in everything, and translate it into his own vision whether it was a doodle in his school binder or a sketch in a book. Through the years art has become not only his focus, but also his passion.

Expressionism is the word that rings most true to Rob’s art­—whether it is a portrait, abstract, or organic line work, Rob's art always comes back to that one idea. Expressing yourself is an important part of life, and for him, this is how it’s done. His favorite genre is abstract expressionism, as it allows him to convey a certain emotion or mood behind the veil of spontaneous brush strokes. Currently, Rob is focusing his works towards sculpting paint on any type of surface that is available—usually canvas.

According to Rob, “There will always be work that is planned, whether it is technical or just a basic idea, but most of my work turns into something of its own—most of it is impulse. Creativity is spontaneous, not forced. Finding figures through basic brush strokes and unplanned scenes.” He finds a lot in them... As for the viewer, that’s for he or she to decide for themself.

Currently Rob is studying Fine Art with a focus on Painting at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), and will graduate with his BFA – Painting in 2020.